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LATITUDES 23° Tropical medicinal plants

We guarantee the harvest and supply of vegetable raw materials directly from savannas and tropical forests.


LATITUDES 23° is commited to fair trade

by helping to improve the lives of women and men inhabiting the countries in the Southern Continents.

Our Business activity is dedicated to providing Tropical Medicinal Plants to companies.

Our clients are players involved in fields such as Herbal medicine, Food supplements as well as in pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. They feel it is important to rely on a secure supply of Tropical Medicinal Plants.

We can respond to their specific needs in botanicals, thanks to our international network of reliable partners.



LATITUDES 23° cooperates with development organizations as well as with companies worldwide.

Our expertise in the organization of Tropical Medicinal Plants’ supply chains is based on a multidisciplinary approach which includes :

  • Our applied knowledge in botanical science, agronomy and vegetable physiology
  • Our field knowledge of the zones of harvest located throughout the Southern Continents.
  • Our human relations with the local actors involved in the collection supply chains.

Our products

Our plants come from our network of local producers in Africa, Latin America, India and China.

We guarantee the supervision of quality control, logistics and supply chain from start to finish.

About LATITUDES 23°…

We market Tropical Medicinal Plants.

We also provide consulting expertise in the organization of the Medicinal Plants supply chains of countries located throughout the intertropical zone.

By the way, why LATITUDES 23° ?

Discover us through our video !


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