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Our Expertise - Latitudes23
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Our Expertise

Latitudes 23° has implemented medicinal plants supply chains in countries of the intertropical zone.

Our team

Xavier-Raphaël SANA decided to create his own company, LATITUDES 23, in 2011 after 10 years of working as an Agricultural engineer for French medicinal herbs’ farms and pharmaceutical laboratories. These experiences have allowed him to set up and supervise supply chains in different continents (Europe, Latin America and Asia)

In order to play a part in the successful functioning and development of LATITUDES 23°, other members have joined the team by bringing in their specific expertises.

1.Xavier-Raphaël SANA Dir. Général

Xavier-Raphaël SANA

4. Sylvie SANA Ass. Direction.v2


Executive Assistant
2.Dominique BRUNET Dir. Commercial

Dominique BRUNET

Sales Director
3.Yannick BLANC Dir. Système Informatique


IT Manager


Sales Manager
Yannick 2b


Quality Supervisor

Our network

Our know-how is based on the expertise provided by a global network and on the goodwill to encourage a more equitable North-South trade relations, which will allow a better future development for rural populations who are involved in our supply chains operating in Southern countries.

We operate in : Senegal, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Gabon, Congo, Madagascar, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Nicaragua, Mexico, USA (Florida), India, China, etc.

Our supply chains

Our plants are produced by village organizations that are possibly backed by development agencies and other private structures from the southern countries that cooperate with us on the basis of fair trade.

When setting up our supply chains, we rely on trustworthy local players that we have identified in our previous collaborations. Besides organizing the export of our products, they help us select production organizations that cultivate and harvest tropical medicinal plants.

Since LATITUDES 23° began its activity, new individual producers and new village organizations have joined us, thus consolidating our global network.

Our consultancy activities

Business consultancy

We can meet the demands of buyers, who wish to secure their tropical botanical supply, by setting up a supply chain in Southern countries dedicated to satisfying their needs. The real knowledge of the location and the stakeholders involved in every step of the plant production, guarantees the traceability management. Aside from the industrial security aspect, access to this information holds a valuable marketing interest. Strong communication on the production conditions of raw materials can be relayed to consumers who are increasingly concerned with the social and environmental impact of their purchase.


Consulting services to Development Agencies

Development Agencies, who aim at strengthening the revenues of those benefiting from their projects can also rely on our consulting services. The production of Tropical Medicinal plants is a diversified activity which allows farmers in the South to increase their supplementary revenues. In addition to our technical know–how in organizing these sectors, our knowledge of the global market guarantees the continuity of trade opportunities.

LATITUDES 23° promotes the choice of organically certified Agricultural sectors.

Organic Farming practices favours traditional farming techniques and uses local resources. Therefore, they are suitable for small producers who cultivate for their own consumption or for local markets. Organic agriculture provides public goods locally and internationally.

LATITUDES 23° promotes Fair trade in every one of its missions.

On the basis of equitable business exchanges, Fair trade contributes to creating viable jobs for the local communities in the countries of the Southern Hemisphere.