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Hibiscus 2018 - Latitudes23
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Hibiscus 2018

Latitudes 23 ° is going to distribute 100 tons of Hibiscus in 2018, that is more than 5 containers.

For that, we went into the field in the end of October 2017 and visited Burkina Faso among the many other West African countries that we toured. We met and spoke to women in numerous villages. They dreamed of seeing their exceptional production of that year, distributed in Europe and around the world.

Indeed, a good rainy season enabled a good quality and production yield. LATITUDES 23° began purchasing the production some weeks ago, before it fell in the hand of speculators.
The Hibiscus harvest is fast. It starts slowly in November and it quickly explodes in the month of December.

The first containers for LATITUDES 23° will be loaded in late January, after meticulously sorting, crushing and packaging the product in the storehouses located in the south of the country. The merchandise will be transported by train to the port of Abidjan, to be later shipped around the rest of the world.
The hibiscus plant is subject to great speculation. By positioning ourselves in the purchase process from the month of December, LATITUDES 23° thwarts this phenomenon and any possible speculation in January.

The last containers will leave before the end of May 2018 and the next rainy season in order to avoid humidity and its harmful effects on the quality of the Hibiscus.
If you are interested in the purchase of this product, do not hesitate and place your order as soon as possible to profit from an optimum quality product at the best price.
For additional information, feel free to contact us.