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Common name
Scientific name
Centella asiatica (L). Urb.
Botanical family
South America, Africa
Active ingredients
Triterpenic,asiaticosides, madecassosides derivatives

Our supply chain

Harvest season
October to April

The Centella we offer comes from the high plateaus of Madagascar. Our supply chain is composed of four collectors that have established partnerships with about fifteen sub- collectors in different villages. Thanks to our exporting partner, we have been able to popularize among the different participants, the proper practices to obtain a quality product rich in active ingredients. During the season, in the mornings, women harvest the centella leaves in the shores of the rice fields that surround the villages. The drying is done in the afternoons in their own plots.

Plant description

Macroscopic description

The alternate leaves, wether they are kidney-shaped, orbicular or elliptic to oblong, have palmately netted veins with generally 7 veins and a serrated margin. The leaves vary in size, the petiole being in general 5 to 10 times or even 15 times longer than the stalk, which measures 10-40 mm long and 20-40 mm and sometimes up to 70 mm wide. The young leaf is sparsely hairy on the inferior face, whereas the older leaf is smooth.

Botanical description

Centella is a perennial and herbaceous creeping plant. It is composed of fine green and pink stems that form the runners. The green and pink flowers are very small (less that 3mm). They are rounded bunches (umbels) near the surface of the soil

Uses, anecdote

Centella is known for its healing properties. It soothes itchiness and eases burns